Educational Resources

In an effort to have educational opportunities even while at home, CCHS is providing this (borrowed) list of educational resources for students and their families. The resources are in all subject areas, free, and most do not require any type of login. Mr. Allard had mentioned in a Facebook post and in an earlier comment that many things can count for credit during this time we are away from the school environment. Continuing to do educational activities in any of these resources can also contribute to gaining credit in your classes. Just continue to learn and keep in communication with us and we will get through this crazy time together!


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  1. Good afternoon Mrs. Case’s Edgenuity students. If you try to log in and can’t, it probably means I gave you credit. If you can still log in you should have a class to work on. If you have questions, please call 269.565.2477 or email me.

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