Leaders of the Pack

Congrats to our Leaders of the Pack for September, October, and November!  Leaders of the Pack work hard, persevere, have positive attitudes, and are good examples for all CCHS students.  Keep it up, we are proud of all of you!


Jarvis Pino: Jarvis has maintained a high grade in U.S. history class for nearly the entire quarter.  When there are times that Jarvis wants to quit early, he finds a way to motivate himself to try harder.  Jarvis has shared with the entire U.S history class his ancestry and has been a perfect resource for teaching other students about the first people and their customs. In the most recent U.S. history Quarter 1 Kahoot Jarvis kept the top spot until the final two questions.  

Ja’Leigha White: Ja’Leigha challenges everyone in class, including myself, to learn more about the world.  She puts forth maximum effort on every single task assigned whether it be a warm up,  project, or quiz game.  Ja’Leigha attended a Victorian Tea Party at the Kimball House Museum with her friends. After the tea party  she taught the entire World History class about the Victorian age and fashion.  She presented in front of the class and described in detail the pictures she had taken at the event. This is only one of the many examples as to why Ja’Leigha represents a true leader. 

Eric Hallock: Eric comes ready to work every day, works hard and participates with enthusiasm and a great attitude.  Eric is willing to help other students without being asked.  He asks questions and is always looking for ways to be challenged above and beyond the regular class activities.  Great job!

D’Miracle Daniel: D`Miracle is finishing her first quarter of her senior year with superior grades! D`Miracle is working hard and putting in the effort and it definitely shows!! She is a kind, patient person and always here on time! Keep up the great work D`Miracle. Keep pushing and pursuing your goals at the career center and here at CCHS! Congratulations on your successful first quarter!

Bryce Gleason: Over the course of this quarter, Bryce has shown a willingness to learn, and a willingness to challenge himself academically. Everyday that Bryce is here, he comes in with a positive attitude, and at times an enthusiasm to dig deeper into a topic we’re discussing in class. On a regular basis, he asks good questions that lead to clarity for both himself and his peers, and many times he asks questions that lead into material that I’m just about to cover, or material I have yet to cover. During work times, if he is ahead on the assignments or has finished them, he makes an effort to help his classmates who may be struggling with the material, especially when he sees that I’m working with a student or small group. Amazing job this 1st quarter at CCHS!! 


Kaitlyn Bush: Kaitlyn is finishing off the quarter doing a spectacular job in all of her classes as a result of her spectacular attendance. She’s a hard worker who puts in a lot of effort…and this is reflected in the quality of her work. Kaitlyn is a positive addition to all of her classes, and uses her time wisely. Congrats to her on a successful 1st quarter here at CCHS!

Chrissy Shrock: You can always count on Chrissy to do an excellent job in her classes. She is dependable and always gives her best effort. Not only does she do a great job in class, she really goes out of her way to help others, too. Congrats to her on an awesome 1st quarter here at CCHS!

Nate Jarstfer: Nate has been here at CCHS for only a short period of time, but from day one he has put in a great effort into everything he does. He always asked good questions, and has shown a willingness to help others. Nate has also been willing to go outside of his comfort zone and work with classmates he doesn’t know well. 

Josh Stovall: Joshua is an OUTSTANDING student at CCHS. He has always gone above and beyond the expectations for classwork, even when he struggles. He shares personal stories that are relevant to classwork and always aspires to do more. He comes into school in a chipper mood everyday and always has a positive outlook. He is 100% committed to his classwork, and helps whenever/wherever he is needed without complaint. Josh, you rock! Keep up the good work!! Congratulations on your successful first quarter!

Aleah Bialke: Quiet but fierce, Aleah has pushed through Algebra 2 with grace and amazing notes. She has focus and drive when it comes to class, never needing to be redirected. She’s a great example for her peers. When a challenge is presented to her she powers through and gets the job done with little or no complaint. We’re proud to call you a CCHS student Aleah, keep up the good work!


Saphyre Miller:

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