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  • Wednesday Jan. 20th a letter was mailed to students containing important Back-to-School information AND their 3rd Quarter schedule. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the office at (269) 565-2460. Back-to-School letter
  • Anyone interested in attending the CCHS Board Meeting on Tuesday 1/19/21 at 5:30 can do so using this Zoom link Board Agenda and Zoom link
  • Notice of Rescheduled Board Meeting Rescheduled
  • In accordance with Senate bill 1246, CCHS will post Virtual School Board Meetings which must include:(a) Why the public body is meeting electronically. To avoid face to face contact during the COVID 19 Pandemic.(b) How members of the public may participate in the meeting electronically. If a telephone number, internet address, or both are needed to participate, that information must be provided specifically.  Public participants may connect through the ZOOM link provided.(c) How members of the public may contact members of the public body to provide input or ask questions on any business that will come before the public body at the meeting.  Through the ZOOM link, public comments can be directed to the board through the “chat” format.(d) How persons with disabilities may participate in the meeting.  Persons with disabilities may contact the CCHS Administrative Assistant (Jessica Reid) for information on how to access the meeting.  She can be reached at 269-565-2482.Also, 18 hours prior to the meeting the posting must be displayed
Staff Member Best Phone Number Best Email Address Notes Facebook
Tim Allard ~ Superintendent 269-967-9212 Personal Cell tallard@calhounhs.org You may call or text me. Tim Allard
Ms. Laurie (517) 712-0075


lruhstorfer@calhounhs.org My Classroom phone is still Forwarded to my cell; Call or Text my 0075. Send me a message on Messenger.
Dani Wilsey (269) 964-8430 Cell dwilsey@calhounhs.org Call, text, or email No
Pete Mathis (269) 753-9691 Personal Cell (call or text) pmathis@calhounhs.org I’m unlikely to answer my phone if the call hasn’t been previously scheduled.  No Facebook for me. Sorry. 
Elizabeth Case 269-282-4839 ecase@calhounhs.org You may call or text. NO
Tiffany Harris 517-920-3738 tharris@calhounhs.org You may call, text, or use messenger. Tiffany Harris
Rebecca Learman (269) 888-3260 (cell) rlearman@calhoun


Call, text, or use messenger. Becky Learman
Kati Ferris 269-348-4971 or 


kferris@calhounhs.org Email/Text (4971)

Classroom Number forwards to my phone. 

You can also leave a message through FB messenger.
Julie Seifke 269/967-0759 cell jseifke@calhounhs.org Text or email Facebook Messenger. 
Stacey Olsen 269 209-4184 Solsen@calhounhs.org Text the number listed or call. You can also leave a message through Facebook messenger. You can also leave a message through Facebook messenger.
Derek Elliott 269-340-7441 delliott@calhounhs.org
Jessica Reid 517-745-6880 Cell phone jreid@calhounhs.org Email or text
Brian Demlow 269-788-2211 bdemlow@calhounhs.org Email or Text
Mike Zandstra 269-224-2554 (google voice) mzandstra@calhounhs.org Call, text, telegram, Email. You can also leave a message through Facebook messenger.  I do not check mine often. 


Please click the link to read an important announcement from our Superintendent regarding communication with students during Remote Learning

Two Way Communication Letter

Anyone interested in enrolling please contact the main office.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00-3:30.  We require an original birth certificate with enrollment for new students.  If you have any questions or concerns please call the office at (269) 565-2460.

Have you lost credit in your current high school? Are you more successful in small learning environment with lots of support and one-on-one attention? If so, maybe you should checkout Calhoun Community High School. We run a safe and orderly school, offering the Michigan Merit Curriculum to non-traditional students who want to earn their diplomas and move on to college or work.

Why Choose CCHS

• Small class sizes
Online classes available
Dual enrollment at KCC, Tech Center, Cosmo Classes available
• 15 years of proven success with over 1,000 graduates
• Individualized learning catering to the needs of the student
Fewer credits required for graduation

Call (269) 565-2460 to pick up an enrollment packet!