Q: How do I apply to Calhoun Community High School?

A: Students apply for entry into CCHS by scheduling an interview with the Director or designated staff. The interview must include a parent or guardian regardless of the student’s age. An exception will be made for an emancipated minor, or one living as an independent adult. Students are expected to provide academic records, immunization records and proof of date of birth at the interview. A student who is not immediately enrolled will be placed on a waiting list. Students who have been previously dropped from the program, for reasons other than attendance, will only be admitted at the semester or with approval of the CCHS Director following a meeting with the student and one or both parents. Where appropriate, the enrollment process might include some academic testing to show what classes would be most appropriate for a given student.

Q: My student received special education services in the prior school. What information is needed to enroll?

A: It will speed the process along if students with an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) would bring a copy of the latest IEP and the testing that establishes eligibility.

Q: What is the status of CCHS with respect to No Child Left Behind?

A: This is an alternative school, and many of our students arrive behind in credits and/or behind in academic proficiency. Every school in Michigan, including alternative schools, is required to test students each year using the Michigan Merit Exam (MME). The results of this test, as well as the graduation rate are used to determine whether our school is making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

Our school is identified for improvement because:

  • We did not have 80% of all students graduate within four years as scheduled;
  • We did not have enough students test at a proficient level in English Language Arts and Mathematics at the rates required.

Since the school is identified for improvement, the district must offer you the opportunity to transfer your student to another school that has not been identified for improvement. Since this is the only school in this district, it would have to be in a nearby school district. At this time all alternative schools in the area that have been identified for improvement, so your student would need to transfer to a traditional school. Of those who request it, priority will be given to the lowest-achieving students from low-income families.