1st Quarter Honor Roll and Outstanding Attendance

We had a record number of students that were on 1st Quarter Honor Roll and had Perfect or had Outstanding Attendance.

Honor Roll

4.0; Gabii Balch, Nick Burditt, Morgan Parsons, Nick Ross, Jazlynn Vanbruggen, Nicole Vanbruggen.  3.8; Shannon Cortes, Madison Uribe.  3.6; Makayla Gates, James Bennett, Caleb Mendez, Jahymari Griffin, Scot Stanford, Gabe Moore.  3.5; Jaide Standish, Chloe Moor, Haiden Shepherd, Natasha Damroth.  3.4; Gabby Eggleston.  3.3; Stephanie Dill, Kija Griffin.  3.2; Natayveah Mayes, Brittnie Springer, West Roop.  3.1; Aidan Losoya, Xaviah Moor, Chelsea Gomez-Badillo.  3.0; Abigail Birman, Raena Trevino, Shelby Brooks-Scroggins, Zachary Clay, Payton Homan, Vaden Jackson, McKenzie Lehrke, Lavonda Marriott-Lockmiller.

Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance; Nick Burditt, Chelsea Gomez-Badillo, Gavin McGuffey, Areeon McClinton.  1 Day Absent; James Freeze, Jahymari Griffin, Jazlynn Vanbruggen, Nicole Vanbruggen, Garrett Wilson, Caleb Mendez, Aidan Losoya.  2 Days Absent; Kamren Hooper, Jacob Keener, McKenzie Lehrke, Haiden Shepherd, Madison Uribe, Stephanie Dill, James Elkins, Scot Stanford.  3 Days Absent; Bryce Griffin, Reche Washington, Natasha Damroth, Bre’an Frankiweicz.

Seniors Done!

CCHS is starting January 2020 off to a great start, graduating several seniors.  They were all smiles as they did the “Senior Walk” down the hallway

January Rotary Senior

Congratulations to Stephanie Dill, our Rotary Senior this month.  We are very proud of you Steph, keep up the great work!

Ms. Laurie’s Convo Lit Class

Here is a sample of work from Ms. Laurie’s Convo. Lit class.  During the first quarter, Convo. Lit-A, the students learned about the artist Vincent van Gogh.  Then during 2nd quarter, Convo. Lit-B students created a Service Learning showcase, here at CCHS, and cut out letters and placed them and the “Starry, Starry Night” pictures that the students created into a nice display.  Shelby Brooks, Caleb Mendez, and Haidan Shepherd created the display.  Nice work gang!

Radio Interview

Mr. Allard was interviewed by WBCK and shared a lot of great information about CCHS and our new building.  Click below to watch, we have a star in our midst!

CCHS Board

We appreciate our CCHS Board and all you do for our school!