Application Procedures

Students apply for entry into CCHS by first filling out an enrollment packet found in the school office.  Once proper paperwork has been filled out and turned into the office, an interview will be scheduled with the Director or designated staff. We believe student success in school is enhanced by strong parental support. Therefore, the interview must include a parent or guardian regardless of the student’s age. An exception will be made for an emancipated minor, or one living as an independent adult. They are still encouraged to bring a mentor or other supportive, caring adult who will help them achieve success in school. Students are expected to provide academic records, immunization records, and an original Birth Certificate to the interview. Discipline history may also be required. A student who is not immediately enrolled will be placed on a waiting list. Students who have been previously dropped from the program for reasons other than attendance will only be admitted with approval of the CCHS Director following a meeting with the student and one or both parents. Where appropriate, the enrollment process might include some academic testing to show what classes would be most appropriate for a given student.

Enrollment Forms

 *Please bring original Birth Certificate when turning in enrollment paperwork to the office for new students only.  Returning students are not required to provide a birth certificate unless they transferred to another school, but they will need to reapply to the school.