Michigan Virtual High School

CCHS students may take up to two online courses as part of their educational experience. Courses are listed in the Michigan Virtual School and the catalogue can be accessed at http://www.mivhs.org as well as https://micourses.org and on the BCALC district webpage at www.calhounhs.org.

Applications for online courses are available in the high school office.  Applications are due no later than March 23, each school year. Late applications will not be processed.  Parental approval is needed for a student to participate in an online course. Each student and parent will meet with the counselor as part of the application process to determine if an online course is in the best interest of the student and if the student meets the eligibility requirements.

Please note that online learning requires strong self-discipline, commitment, and often requires more time with course work than a traditional class.

If you have any questions, please contact the director, Mr. Tim Allard.

Please Note:  This new opportunity does not mean students will no longer be able to enroll in E20/20 online course offerings.  E20/20 will still be offered as well.