Superintendent’s Page

Prospective Student:

Calhoun Community High School provides a second chance for students to earn that all-important high school diploma and increase their chances of success after high school. Our school is designed for those students who are not making progress in their high schools and those who are seeking a more personalized or stronger school-to-work program. We accept students ages 14-19 at the start of the school year and periodically throughout the year depending on each student’s particular situation.

At CCHS, we expect you to find success. Your own commitment to your education is the essential ingredient that you must bring with you. We can help you with the rest.

CCHS usually is limited to students attending full time, but the school will provide flexible options where it is consistent with an overall learning plan. Students attending CCHS may also attend classes at the Calhoun Area Career Center, a Cosmetology school, or other approved learning sites. Dual enrollment at Kellogg Community College and onsite virtual learning opportunities are also available options to CCHS students. It is not the school’s purpose to help students graduate earlier than scheduled. However, CCHS helps students who are behind in credits graduate as early as possible.

CCHS staff will encourage you to identify career goals and build your educational programs around these goals. CCHS staff nurture student commitment, student achievement and student success. Smaller classes, with more teacher attention and additional assistance where needed, have helped students who had felt lost in the larger area high schools succeed. In over 15 years we have had more than 1000 graduates. Your focus and consistent work during the coming school year will get you there as well.

We continue to work toward academic rigor and individual support. Our goal is that graduates of CCHS will be ready to take the next step in their lives toward college, technical vocational training, or into the work force or military. We continue to implement our mission around the goals of:

C Career
C Character
H Health
S Service